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(Be sure to reserve your spot by emailing me)
Projects are new every class, step-by-step, and basics are repeated - so it’s fine to skip around!  
No mask is required since we will be in an open garage (my family and I have been vaccinated). 

Charter School Vendor approved.

Send an email to robinyoungpottery@gmail.com with dates requested, the student's name, age, and your cell number.

The address of my home studio will be sent upon enrollment.

Please view the schedule below for details regarding the class times and tuition.

Please send your charter school PO# or Venmo to @robinyoungpottery.

The last 4 digits of my phone are 6338 for Venmo verification.

Please send payment or PO before the first day of each month.


A deposit of the first months tuition is due at time of enrollment to hold your place.

The various art projects students create in class are special handmade treasures that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

Since classes are small, individual attention is given to challenge advanced students and to help beginners build confidence.


--- Private home studio in Laguna Niguel, Orange County

Charter school approved provider

To enroll:

Please send an email with dates requested, student's name, age, and your cell number for emergencies to robinyoungpottery@gmail.com, or call (949) 354-2271  

Drawing & Painting

The Pottery class focuses on:

  • Hand-building

  • Wheel-throwing

  • Sculpting

  • Slab rolling

  • Glazing


     Pottery takes two weeks to dry, and then it is fired, glazed, and fired a second time. The entire process takes four weeks to complete. Projects created on the final day of class will be dip-glazed and may be picked up at a later date.


   Below are a few of the projects we may create. Artists often create more than one version of the same subject, either altering or embellishing the piece to make it unique. Students who have taken this class previously will not be repeating lessons and will be challenged to add to their existing knowledge and skills.


Pottery Projects include:

  • Wheel-thrown cups, bowls, vases, and mugs

  • Hand-built birdhouse

  • Fish, dolphin, and whale sculptures

  • Dog sculpture

  • Hand-built coffee mug

  • Sculpted roses & flowers

  • Bowl from pinch pot

  • Decorative box with lid

  • Cylinder pencil holder

​The Drawing & Painting Class focuses on:

  • The Elements of Art, including Color Theory (line, color, shape, form, space, value, and texture)

  • The Principles of Design (balance, unity, movement, pattern, repetition, emphasis, and contrast)

  • Techniques of master artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Matisse

  • The various styles and influence of Master Artists such as:

  • Paul Cezanne - Study of color scheme; drawing with foreground, background & middle ground; and using value for the illusion of a light source in still life fruit painting Apples and Cakes

  • Leonardo da Vinci - Study of perspective in The Last Supper

  • Claude Monet - Study of Impressionism in Waterlilies

  • Vermeer - Study of light and dark (Value) in Girl with a Pearl Earring

  • Gustav Klimt - Study of symbols and patterns in Woman in Gold

  • Georgia O’Keeffe - Study of color and design in Oriental Poppies


Class size is  limited to 6 students. 

Complete payment (or a PO #) is required the first week of every month.

Charter funds and Venmo payments are accepted at my home studio